Here you can find useful links about some of the things discussed on the website.

Tipi Valley

Tipi Valley’s Diggers and Dreamers Page

A website with extensive information about communes in the UK. Many other amazing projects can be found here.

Self build

National Custom and Self Build Association

The voice of the custom and self build sector, the NaCSBA work to enhance the self build sector in the UK. They provide help to people wanting to build their own home through networking, carrying out research and organising events aimed at increasing awareness.

Custom and Self Build Toolkit

An invaluable site which provides models, case studies and briefing notes to help people who want to begin a self build project.

The Self Build portal

Another great site full of resources for self builders.

The Local Self Build Register

Local councils now have to maintain a register of interest for people wanting to self build. Getting your name on the register means councils are obliged to look for available plots in your area.


A Bristol based company who provide training and support for those who want to self build. They are also working on their own timber-framed module house concept – SNUG homes.


Bright Green Futures

Another Bristol based, vision driven enterprise who actively help groups to get started on their own sustainable housing projects.

UK Cohousing Network

The UK’s umbrella cohousing network which helps people to build community led housing projects. They act as a resource point for anybody interested in cohousing.

Property Guardians

Ad Hoc Property Management

One of the largest property guardian agencies in Europe and the agency that looks after Peter Greenfield.

Camelot Vacant Property Management

Another leading property guardian agency.

Oaksure Property Protection

The agency who looked after Ed Moyse.

Don’t live as a property guardian

A blog opposed to property guardians, interesting academic work and case studies can be found here.


Canal and River Trust

The charity in charge of maintaining the waterways of England and Wales.

Scottish Waterways Trust

The charity in charge of maintaining the waterways in Scotland.

Boats Are Homes!

A petition to battle the eviction of boat dwellers.

Kennet and Avon Canal Boaters Society

The Facebook group of boaters on the Kennet and Avon Canal, where the majority of interviews for this website were conducted.

Off the Cut Documentary

A documentary offering an insight into the life of boaters on the Kennet and Avon Canal by Wendy Zakiewicz.

Vehicle Living

Yard Arts Collective

Facebook page of professional circus collective.

“We’re a professional circus collective, not travellers…”

Bristol Post article about the Yard Arts group moving onto the land.

Shipping Container Conversion

ISO Spaces

A company in the UK that specialises in the conversion of shipping containers for a variety of purposes.

“Living in a steel box: are shipping containers really the future of housing?”

A Guardian article about the future of shipping container homes.


Shipping container homes for the homeless from the East London YMCA.

Tiny Houses

Small is Beautiful

An inspiring documentary about tiny houses.

Tiny House UK

The largest UK company for constructing tiny houses.

The Tiny Life

American site dedicated to the tiny house movement.