‘The union between art and food’


Food and art – not an uncommon association to make. Be it Gustave Courbet’s Still Life with Apples, Pear, and Pomegranates, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans or Chris Palmers’ Skoda advert where he recreated a car out of cake. Or even you. Taking a photo for Instagram of your plate of mega stacked pancakes topped by blueberries and whipped cream, and drowning in maple syrup – food has always played an integral part in the art world.

Cuisine+Colour is an art collaboration based in Bristol between visual artists Motley Collective and South West chefs. They describe their work as “the union between art and food that serves to pioneer an original way of relishing food – where colour is delicious and cuisine is to dye for”.

Their events, which are shrouded in a veil of enticing mystery, comprise of exciting intimate meals with a select number of dinner guests who are treated to a four course taste enchantment. At the end of the meal, the guests’ bibs (which have been subject to a vast array of colours), serve as a tapestry telling the tale of how they interacted with their food.

With supreme cuisine that is both beautiful to the eye and the tongue at the forefront of what this group does, it’s no surprise that Cuisine and Colour is rapidly gaining momentum in Bristol’s art scene. Having already successfully hosted three events at a coffee roastery and a science museum, the collective have their sites firmly set on the future, with plans to host at the likes of Bestival on Thursday, July 30 before returning to Bristol for their next event on August 21 at the Watershed.

Bristol24/7 spoke with Sabrina Shirazi, the creative producer at Cuisine+Colour prior to their recent Food Connections event hosted in the foyer of At-Bristol.

Hey Sabrina, could you tell me a bit about Cuisine and Colour?
“It came out of my visual arts company Motley Collective, which I founded with photographer Kim Clarke where we painted models white and applied colour to them in different ways to create a striking image. Cuisine+Colour is about two years old and we’ve had two events so far. It’s the coming together of visual art and cuisine which is inspired by colour. We initially worked with friends of ours who have an artisan culinary pop-up company called Da Boes. They’re based in the South West and to accompany their pop up events they had posters designed by artist friends of theirs. They asked Motley Collective to do a poster but instead, I encouraged the idea of a meal orientated around colour which is about breaking the etiquette of how to eat, in a very creative, artistic way. The basic premise of Cuisine+Colour is that there is a white table cloth and bibs that attach to it, so every person who sits around the table is wearing a bib. The food that we serve, and the way that we serve it means that the person eating is naturally going to effect the table cloth with colour. By the end of it you come away with a Jackson Pollock on the table cloth.”


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